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If looking to revamp the exterior of your home, you could try this out. Have you considered vinyl siding? There are pros and cons to both bricks and siding, and the decision ultimately comes down to personal tastes. Yet, there are lots of reasons why vinyl siding has been the number one choice among re-modelers, builders, and contractors throughout the United States and Canada.


Have you been into a hardware store and actually priced bricks? Working through a contractor might get you a reduction. But even at about half a dollar apiece, you’re taking a look at a huge investment. Alternatively, reinforced vinyl is a much cheaper substance when covering large outdoor spaces. Even the installation of the covering is less time consuming and more affordable with lower labour costs. All of these are short-term benefits, but there are also long-term benefits. Bricks need to be replaced and repaired every 20 to 25 years. All you need is a hose to wash it off every now and then and you are done!


Vinyl siding provides a level of versatility that cannot be found in other materials. If your home has architectural features, such as gables, this product can provide ample protection and coverage all while preserving these unique characteristics. A certified contractor is trained in proper installation techniques and can better inform you of the possibilities and limitations of the alternative.


Bricks are offered in a variety of colors. However, the choice does not even come close to the 950 vinyl products available in nearly 350 different colors. The finishing can be dyed pretty much any colour to match your landscape or to stick out in the neighborhood. If you’re not satisfied with the color or just need to try a new look, you can paint it to make a new aesthetic. It is also possible to screw dividers or other exterior accessories into plastic considerably easier and a whole lot more efficiently than in stone.

It is Better for the Environment

The production of bricks produces a shocking amount of power and air pollutants. When considering total energy, air pollutants, and global warming potential, vinyl is the superior material candidate. Some studies have concluded that brick’s impact on the environment is three times greater than that of vinyl.

While bricks still have their pros, siding offers unsurpassed flexibility with a smaller cost. At the end of the day, the choice comes down to personal tastes.

Choosing Vinyl Siding

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